Pushing Through

God give me strength when I'm down within
I've made plenty mistakes and noticed fake friends
I'm far from perfect but that's okay
My good will outweigh my bad any day
When I'm lost, find me
If I'm drowning, save me
I'm a person with a kind heart
Why would you still try to play me?
I often question myself
Are you playing me to the left?
Need a hand, I'm here
Even if there is no one else
Why are you assuming?
Do my clowning bring you down?
What's your reason for talking to others when I'm not around?
These are the questions you constantly ask
Will you ever be satisfied?
Why don't you think that I'll leave?
Do I have you with too much pride?
Right now I just want to go
But love makes me want to stay
Hopefully you'll get yourself together
Do it quickly before it's too late

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