Pussy's Fuzzy Logic

Miss Pussy should be named Miss Messy
For she tosses down the ball of wool
Swings the dangling rope hangings
Rolls the ink bottle as if she were a bull!

Straight comes a pencil to hit her back
Jumps up the Pussy behind the book rack!
Waits for the storm to pass
Peeps out as naive as an ass!

Splash falls a flower vase
She just thinks, gone the storm, now it rains!
Quickly she dives down into the pillow
Landing right on the baby and meows a sweet hello!

Never ever have she seen an angry bird,
But every house hold has one she have been told
Panicking Pussy whines as the baby dame
Tosses her by her tail, putting her to shame!

Tragic life she lives upsets Miss Pussy
But puts an angelic face and curls down sleepy
Hoping to find Peace, Peace, and Peace…
Peace with herself and peace with the world!

Oh!...She could sense the taste…
Of sweet milk she never wastes
Glad with the unexpected delight
She plunged into the kitchen like a flight!

Had her stomach full and heart’s content
Miss Pussy smiles my life is so nice...
Whatever be the trials, I’m blessed
Shall never again be stressed…!

Just then hops a mice...Miss Pussy back to Miss Messy...!

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This Poems Story

A fact of life I understand looking at my pet ...My pet is one of my GURU's.Every purr is a life awakening moment!