Put Your Mind At Ease

Come a little closer girl,
So you can hear what I'm saying,
While we lay on the beach,
Stare at the constellations
We can chat all night, long conversations,
Midnight talks, Deep Revelations,
You really are such a unique creation,
One that's seemed to peak my imagination,

Got caught thinking ,something deep,
As the ocean and the wave crashing at our feet,
Your hair so long, Perfume is sweet
Skin so soft silk cant compete,
Eyes so bright look like they've never weeped,
Get lost staring in them and be gone for weeks,

They say you'll never go flying unless you leap,
Lets escape these valleys and explore the peaks,
All around the world and between the sheets,
Heart goes racing every time we meet,
Cant ever win if your afraid of defeat,

Can tell by your touch, no need to speak,
You might be one that I'd like to keep,
The way you hold my hand when we walk down the street,
Don't really care if anybody sees,

Its true what they about birds and bees,
And I spot a couple of them sitting in the trees,
You know life's not calm its full of heavy Seas,
You, Me , a quiet place with a cool breeze,
Then maybe finally I can put your mind at ease,

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