Fly larva swarming like
Seed pearls, black beetle garnets
On crushed velvet of rotting leaves
Wasp nest for jewels, mildew for lace,
For the fine dress
Of the shrivelled corpse, this rotting royal,
Queen of decay.
Mice bone bracelets litter the earth like ivory,
A spider creeping across, an acid yellow ornament.
Centipede veins mix with the spiderweb
Corrosion, copper taste of
Leaking batteries
The whispers of hollow winds stir
Straw husk vines of hair and
Lipstick from the finest holly fruit.
Fungi creeping into the empty
Cavities of a bleached white

The fiendish chant, this final rhythm,
Taboo recitation,
The rotting corpse whispers, a growing
Symphony, reminder, warning,
All that goes must return
You can not kill us in any way that matters

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