Puttered Thoughts

don't ever pity yourself for being alone,
somewhere there is a tree falling and it's
not even making a noise.

sometimes the world looks really large
but it's actually tiny, anxious, and vulnerable,
and it really needs you to keep breathing.

I read somewhere that trees can suffer too,
and that makes the world an awful more glum place

the moon always illuminates for someone
who's lost, and it might just be for you
tonight, don't let it shine in vain.

if you're going to love someone make sure you
do it really well, like it's not a flower, if you forget
to water it, you can't go and buy a new one.

we're all living, breathing, beings and
that fact alone should create a steady stream of placidity.

a thought you should keep nestled into
the corner of your brain, is that you're
a very, very, very special human being and you
will have great things that'll happen in your life,
and although things get rough always look up.

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