Puzzle Pieces

I can hear you, I swear I do.
Your eyes are scary.
I like your shirt, its red,
I like red.
Please don’t touch me.
I’m fine right here.
Who are you?
What am I supposed to say?
Smoking is bad.
Don’t say a bad word.
I hate you.
Did I offend you?
That doesn’t go there.
Keep it clean, keep it clean.
Don’t cut my hair, its fine.
You’re talking too loud.
This smells funny.
This shirt makes me feel weird, take it off.
I like playing with my hands.
What? I don’t want to listen.
I’m not doing anything.
Leave me alone.
I need stitches again.
What’s autism?
I don’t like that word; condition.
You don’t understand.
I’m getting mad.
I’m screaming.
Mommy don’t get cry.
I need to hug for a while.
I’m okay.
I can hear you, I swear I do.

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