Puzzle Pieces

"Puzzle pieces" is the phrase that comes to mind
When I curl my body against yours-
My back pressed to hard muscle, wearing soft skin.
Our legs entwined in a complex maze,
Your strong arms wrapped around my delicate frame
Like a protective cage.
Your gentle breaths warm the back of my neck,
Your nose buried in my hair.
I inhale that familiar scent of you,
The one I can never properly describe
In the poems I try to write for you.
I don't need to see your face;
I already know your golden hair is askew,
Your long lashes casting shadows on your cheekbones
As you sleep serenely.
I hope you're smiling softly,
The way you say I do
When I dream of the way we fit to each other
Like two puzzle pieces-
Separated for so long,
Finally come together,
Never wanting to part again.

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This Poems Story

I am a junior at Orland High School in the small town of Orland in northern California. I love to read, write, and play basketball. I've never missed a single day of school in my entire life and I've always had straight A's. It has always been my dream to be a published author, so this is the first step in what hopefully turns into my career. I'd like to than my mom, grandparents, Bailey, Caden, and Ms. McNally. I hope everyone finds their missing puzzle piece in life.