Puzzles, Bubbles, Chess, and Zoom


Puzzles, bubbles, chess, and Zoom
Lives interrupted and trapped in rooms
Aching for human hugs, kisses, touch
Never imagined missing faces so much
Analyzing every snort, sniff, and cough
Is that Covid or the throats just rough
Can I still smell, chew, feel, taste
How can so much time just go to waste
What if a loved one or I get sick
Would we survive or would we kick
How can our nation's beloved die alone
Is this a prison, a fortress, or a place called home
How can this happen in this day and age
So much anxiety, grief, loss, and rage
Those supposed to save us have failed
Egos, politics, selfish interests prevailed
A few fine heroes can still be found
But most grow tired, bored, and round
Thrown out the commandments and golden rule
Neighbors' supplies cause us to covet, hoard, and drool
Escape from this isolation is hard to find
We dive into the bottle, our beer, and wine
Food has to be scavenged, delivered, or gardened
When will we get paroled or pardoned
... from Quarantine?

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