Quality of Life


Superlative is the best way to go:
safe, safer, safest;
but staying home alone
as a devotee of self-quarantine?
lonely, lonelier, loneliest;
perhaps, then, superlative overdoes it.
Venturing into the world leaves one
blended into a new incognito,
where masks betray the attitudes behind them
(some worn beneath noses, or chins,
defiantly expressing exasperation,
others with a daily color to match stylish idioms)
some, more, most;

eventually, fear finds itself
relegated to the back seat,
overridden in this long-haul of guessing games,
where superlatives are subjective;
risky, riskier, riskiest,
until there is a slight fever,
then you can't taste your food;
sick, sicker, sickest;

sometimes, superlative just doesn't matter:
dead, deader, deadest.

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