Quantum Recognizance

We manifest our destiny,
Our truth our reality.
We refuse to hide behind a society
That creates such anxiety.
Who's standards for integrity are created,
By those who have defined hatred.
Our judgements leave us nauseated
Aggravaged, morally abated.

When will we rise and deminish
the lack of compassion and finish
What our past generations started.
When our passion was full- hearted,
Our course has been charted,
We have not been outsmarted!

When will we understand
The power we hold that lies behind
The thoughts of our mind.
To understand what is real
To feel the need to heal
To manifest what is written!

To be entirely smitten
To the idea of a better life
Not fueled by agony and strife.
We refuse to hold the knife
That propels humanity into the afterlife!

We refuse to hide
Like our hands are tied,
Eyes wide, laughter died,
The tears we have cried
The motivate our stride,
To create something better.


Thru sunny skies, gloomy weather.
To empower and inspire all together.
To breathe as one.
Our time has begun.
Our past battles we have won.
Now is not the time to run!

Not to feed off anger, frustrations,
Nor let them define our adjurations,
Not too heed to others intimidations
To humanity's sedation...
To feed our annihilation.
When will we do something
With our population.

Every day we see good deeds,
Replaced by jealousy and greed.
Their wants confused with our needs.
Sometimes we feel beaten.

When will we decide that LOVE is enough.
To conquer criticism.
To encourage optimism.
To mold our future.

Now is the time we decide,
That the solution
Is US.

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