Does a butterfly belong in a cage...
Does Sunshine..shine in a shadow..
Should a rainbow..be painted in grey..
Alone..in the dark...afraid..

What is world with no color..
Is freedom..stronger than fear..
Can you breathe with no air..
Can you see with no eyes..
Maybe our hearts ..will guide us..

If we focus on our differences..
will it change us..
If we hate..what we can’t understand..
will anything be left ..
If we focus on fear..
Will anything remain..but an ocean of tears....
What if we love...our enemies..
What if we question ourselves..
What if we belong together..
No matter the cost..
What is life ..alone ..afraid..
What is death..some kind of king..
We all must kneel
before this dictator.. Let us not forget..the blessing..of our limitations.

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