Tried to move on but couldn't
Its like this crazy feeling with in me
Feelings of your memory
Feelings of your energy
Haven't heard your voice in a minute
Or seen your smile but I've missed it
Thoughts of you haunt me
Sometimes it feels like you taunt me
True love is what you taught me
Just know you never lost me
You're what I think of often knowing this love will blossom
For now its proceed with caution
Im forever fallin maybe I've lost all logic
Thoughts of you have nostalgic going around and around this
Lost in this abyss of emotions if that even makes sense
I'm hoping I am someone to miss
I've lost all commonsense can't pretend this connection is something id recommend
Yet id do it all again
Quarantine showed me this
The spiritual awakening I almost missed
And those moments I can't forget
The talks the nights you'd hold my hand tight, the kiss, the touch,
It's that forever kind of love
Learning and healing
falling off track and manifesting you back
My catalyst for change
and the wisdom I've gained
I love you Please dont ever walk away youre my peace my home
We found a love that'll forever grow

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