Quarantine Broken Heart


These last few months, as I sit at home
Distance from everyone.
I have come to the realization,
that I truly have no one but myself.
I fell in love with this boy, who I thought
Could possibly be my soulmate.
But he broke my heart, left it in pieces,
And then have the nerve to
Accuse me of tearing us apart.
I loved this boy with my whole heart.
But I was so dumb to think,
he could actually be the one.
All I ever wanted was love,
but I guess that was too much to ask for.
I said to him "show me that you're real, show me
that you care because you claim you do but it feels
like you are never here.
Got me here wondering, where you are, who you with
because if you're not here with me,
I know you're out there with another b**ch.
Got me questioning my worth,
like will I ever be good enough?
Because every man I fall in love with breaks my heart.

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