Quarantine Day 27

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When the day ends without me
And you sort through your week old laundry
Listening to the podcast you saved for the evening
Know that I want to be there and linger
Every moment will be real and stored in my heart
When the day starts without me
And you wake up hours later than you wanted
I will have knocked on the door of our memories
And run towards you for our morning embrace
When you live life without me
Hiding your emotions and your fears
And hoping for a love like the ones that do not exist
You will fret for your life but
She will walk through and bury everything of me
Then I will not be able to visit you, even in my dreams
But by then the corners of our memories
Will have dissolved along with any lost remnants
By the constant replaying and reopening
And the ink will have faded to gray
When your memories play without me
And you dance to the song of her heart
I will keep the memories playing in my own
I will never press pause or stop
For then it may exist in no one's
When my tomorrow starts without you
I will be fine

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