Quarantine Experience


Wash hands, wear mask, social distancing.
Home a domain, a cave, a sanctuary.
The corners of the room a norm to see.
Stifled, confused, nowhere to be free.
This is my life, now a prisoner in chains.
Confinement is all that I feel.
Making the best of something that is real.
Got to live, got to give, got to take heed.
The moments, the time in distress I feel.
Got to bond with family got to find me.
Home is where I will be. but, Is this eternity?
Questions asked answers limited, uncertainty I see.
To pass the time, extra cooking, baking new ideas.
Comfort, or is it? have to smile at times.
Try to bond with kids, yes I saw them.
Hugs to their mama, unconcern what is outside.
The atmosphere filled with smiles and laughter.
Easing the tension of stress, pain and tears.
Free my soul, lighten up, the kids need me.
It will get better, it must, trying to ease my fears.
Another day to give thanks, being alive.
Stretch, Breathe, be safe, family is good...is good.
Eat, sleep, togetherness, positive mindset.
Make home my haven for now. I will try or should....

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