Quarantine Express


It's a shock to suddenly learn I'm a vital person
fighting a virus that I cannot see, or feel. Covid.
Is this our armageddon? I'm not complaining,
nor annoyed. Yet, I hear about you here.
We are not all equal in the battle to defeat you.

The risk has taken a young doctor today at
accelerating rates. Inconceivable who actually can
survive. We must create a new world order to stay
intact. We would have had it locked up, if it were
not for the ecological and climatological exchange
engaged in a three-way love affair.

Invincible masks, sanitizers, Then the final blow,
a 76 year-old vet collapses right in front of me.
Covid, there's got to be away to save us.
Why is everything malfunctioning
because of covid? The good news. We must
change presidents. I'm happy to be living in this
day and time. I belong here. I have control. No
time to analyze. Grab a partner, or good book, stay
close to the phone and for the sake of everyone,
cover my back because I got yours. Now, go get living.
We haven't much time.

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