Quarantine Love Letters


Love letter - just an eviction of some emotion,
some flowers that grow in my lungs and that
I have pressed into the parchment pages.
Would you understand if I don’t write anything,
if I just left the dried flower heads?
Buttercups - to be at my smallest with you.
Daisies - this frames the sun.
Dandelions – I see you everywhere. No, no.
I don’t think you would but I
don’t want you to understand everything.
What else would we talk about?
How would I find anything new to write down?
You probe at the want - want of something that peels easy,
that I can scrape my nails down
to dip into a sweet center.
I want something that’s meant
to be unlayered, so I don’t feel guilt
dribble down my spine. Stiffening sap
an I sample your thoughts?
Honeycomb love - would you let me
preserve them in jars?
Trace the sugar trails on my back.
Emotion forced out with its trinkets of joy,
of warmth, of nervous heart-beats.
Love letter - I send my love with the roots attached.

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