Quarantine Pains


Quite sad that 2020 was the worst year of all time. Deaths, inequality, disease, roots, fires, two natural disasters, and pain.

Up in the clouds, the gods are crying for us humans. They hate what we have become yet are silent as well... But maybe they will send us a sign to do better, to be better.

After quarantine I wish to go back to a normal life, being around friends and spending time with family i haven't seen since 2019. I will never take life for granted again.

Refuse to back down for any fight. Always speak your mind with words, not violence.

Against racism and sexism. We are all humans, living on one earth. One planet.

Never say CORONAVIRUS! It will bring back bad memories but also remember to stay safe.

To be honest, I wanted 2020 to be my year to start over and become someone new, but now I feel selfish and foolish to have thought I could wish upon a star.

I hope by 2021, life will have improved and grew with more wisdom and happiness and support!

No more pain and suffering for those affected by the pandemic, which we all were in different ways, i wish nothing but the best for all

Everyone join together to make our planet happy, our stars, our gods, our family/friends, and ourselves.


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