Quarantine Reflections


Quarantine is definitely not the life for me,
Stuck in the house with only walls to see!
Reflections of what’s happening in my life,
Writing all about what’s happening inside...
What happens after I found what I’ve been looking for,
When everything that used to hurt is no longer sore!
The tears that would blur my eyes once before,
Where’d they go because there are no more!
Having this deeply settling feeling called content,
Every talk, every text, every physical moment!
How do I express something that I can’t quite explain,
The high is so real that it easily remains!
This energy is the strongest I’ve ever felt,
All my insides burst into flames and melt!
Spiraling into self-reflection to ensure I’m my best me,
Slowly drifting about his flow like a boat out at sea!
Makes me crazy to know he drives me in ways unfamiliar,
Nothing on this route even close to being similar!
It’s so much deeper that I don’t want to rush,
Floating on clouds feeling nothing short of lush!
Reflections upon reflections dancing in my head,
Quarantine reflections as I lay down in bed!

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