Quarantine Spring


Quarantine Spring
By Art Hyde
The birds in the branches above me, and blossoming flowers in our yard, are more beautiful than ever before.
The sweet fragrance of spring has arrived earlier than usual with the scented perfumes of our God’s most magnificent, and colorful creations.
Our lawn is turning green and the cold nights have transcended to temperatures more suitable for velvet whispers and more pleasurable conversations about the normal things of life, not the virus.
My wife and I dress far more casually that ever before as the places we will go will be few.
Our telephone conversations with those we love are longer now. The subjects of those conversations are more impassioned, more meaningful, softer in spirit, and always end with “I love you.”
We pray more and with more necessity to He that created us, connecting with him with greater expectation than in the past. We have awoken to his power, his love and the knowledge it is He that in control, rather than those who pretend to be.
We have quickly learned that our past was filled with things we took for granted. Now, we open our pantry with appreciation and realize our human comforts are a gift of time and technology, but more so, a provision from He who holds everything together, and always has.
It seems the things that made us anxious or angry only weeks ago now seem so insignificant and hardly worth pondering.
The leaves on our redbud trees are more spectacular this year. The color is more vibrant, more magenta than red; if only this one example of His creativity existed, we would be bedazzled with astonishment and enthusiasm.
As for me, I now realize after all the years I have been on this earth I now hear the most beautiful music while silence plays all around me. It’s in these softest of melodies I hear the voice of God and deeply reflect on His many gifts.
The world around me loudly proclaims the doom and gloom that awaits tomorrow, yet the peace and calm I sense in my soul finds restful sleep each night knowing that His power is so much more; so, so, so much more than all else that competes for my attention.
This quarantine spring has taught me far more than all that has been lost.

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