Quarantined by COVID 19


Our lives has been forever rearranged
And feeling so strange
To live and love 66 years that has been shortchanged
With a blink of an eye
I gave you my last kiss goodbye
And my heart pleaded why oh why
This has become so unfair
Isolated from you touch forever I cannot bare
Without you has become oh such a nightmare
Oh, my sweet dearest love
I can only send a prayer to our Dear God, above
To quiet our hearts and minds from His loving dove
We suffer from heartache and pain
When we can only visit through a windowpane
Who can say this quarantine is humane
Hopefully wearing a mask does not become a lifestyle
It feels like we are living in exile
When we never can see each others smile
With having cancer, strokes and now COVID 19
We could of not imagined the unforeseen
Trying to live in this life sucking quarantine
Through much sweat and tears
Doctors and nurses fight feverishly with many fears
Only to hope this virus disappears

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