Quarantined-Wear a Mask!


Golden showers from Trump towers, trickling down,
Trickling down, can you feel them?
Through the storm, through the porn...
Through the stock market, through the fracking,
Tracking each and everyone, ‘til we’re all soaked,
Sodden with golden showers and slaves to golden powers.
Natives camping out in in cold to hold back
The polluters, trying to stop the flood of
Showers, trickling down, trickling down
Unto reservations, and minding the mining, objecting
To erecting pipelines and expansion-
They call the buffalo to stem the tide, but
The golden showers are enhanced with a viral dance,
A COVID craze: loading the bodies into refrigerated
Trucks and piling the dead in sheds and the news
Flooding positive cases, trickling and falling,
Filling the hospitals til there are no beds.
Nursing homes, jails and meat packing plants
Stacking the bodies and runnels and funnels
Flooding the CDC and needing the PPE but
Golden showers spread with tentacles
And pour on the poor and the black and the brown,
Until the crowds rise up to shout, “Black lives matter”
And millions of voices cry out, “Vote them out!”
Spray the air with fresh freedom to fill the firmament!

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