She connects like constellations in the night sky lit up by the moon

And in her eyes she can hold
The brown golden crown of the cosmos wrapped tight in all the right hues of an indigo soul

She is dripping melanin and honey

Chocolate coffee courage with curves of sugar and

Swiss vanilla cream and manages to be

Black without apology

5 foot 2 and in all her gold skin and glory

Her smile sets ripples of calm waters amidst my crashing waves of worry

Blossomed and bloomed, she comes from strong roots so she can withstand anything she goes through

She knows how to use her mind to get behind the power of pushing beyond the boundaries of her ancestor's progress

And just by simply gracing the Earth she becomes a protest

After years of seeing the effects of oppression, I couldn't thank her enough for blessing me with her presence

Because I have never seen future black excellence up so close

Let alone have I ever heard a queen say my name

So I can't be the one to blame when I stagger on every word I swore upon this full course meal

When I tend to stutter whenever I stumble onto something so surreal

Someone so real I can still feel the ambiance through the honesty...

Backing beauty with fluidity, turning to me all bright eyes and free

But to stare that glint by starlight draped the caresses of your hair

I saw black girl magic standing there

Just a beautiful chocolate girl, in a toxic world, dipped in melanin and honey

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This Poems Story

This poem is basically the first time I actually fell in love with someone and felt bold enough to be more specific about it and was able to put my love out there to the world.