Queen Bilqis Devastating Beauty

Queen Bilqis, flaunting tenacious catastrophic beauty,
A lady which appeared seductively mesmerizing, for hypnotizing prey with pleasurable eradication,
Advocating lascivious submissiveness upon men,
Attraction outlining her elegant physique; manufacturing desirable sin.

The mastermind of Insidious phantasy,
​​​​​​Evil cloaked beneath velvety sweet coco flesh,
Blessing delusional demise upon eager fornicating men,
Perfection her only toxic immortal flaw.

Alluring men to perform quivering climax within,
Stimulating her hunger with an extraordinary orgasm, yet unknowingly victims sacrifice their lifes,
This one-sided wager equally leveling unjustifiable scales,
Unfortunately a decision man's sensibly made.

Otherwise bulging love muscles answer before reasonable words,
Erratically blinded they resolutely accept doom,
Their lifeblood being necessary nourishment; an unalterable abnormality fiend to Bilqis,
Comforted through mortal man's vulnerability of sexuality.

Secretly her genitalia mouth swallows them alive, to slowly teasing her appetite's hunger,
Queen Bilquis, begins moaning blissful eroticism satisfaction,
Demanding their praising last words as death rejuvenates,
Acting out erotic affection as poison bait, for man's sensuality ignorance

Bilqis, Queen of Sheba; hunter of adulterated mortal men,
A devilish goddess depopulating earth of man...


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