Queen Of Kings

The strength of your life forfeited as the seeds of sunsets deceive. Breathing in time shooting out lines of words healing your heart of pain. Punished man for dancing with the stars so, you're incredibly human I've ever seen you glow. Hiding beneath shadows of snow, I'll forever want to read your stone. those eyes of green love, creating you from the heavens above. Describe to me what you see, is what you see or seen make believe or is it festering in these night time screams, flowers folding, bleeding of the deepest condolences to the coffin, loving, hurting, creating, sleeping, dying again. War against your own life. I'll stay away from my dispute over the doors of hell I love to visit to grab your broken soul and sail you away your beauty is exquisite. seeing eye to eye my personal demons, questioning the angels of heaven to keep her safe from this shadow of fate. Sacrifice my heart of black for her heart of gold. She must get out of the darkness with your wings. She cannot stay here for she is the queen of kings. My heart of black will never be the heart of gold. Mercy of my soul lord. Let her leave, let her be the queen of kings. Once more.

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