Queens Of Sodom

Sweet deceptive semper personified
Our eyes are alluring and our voices are welcoming
Our bodies are a gateway to the inferno
Our purpose and our mission
Are we God's thorny flowers
Beautiful shiny fruits waiting for our poisonous juices
to get feasted on
Murderers of natural desires
How can you question the sculptor
Does he not have the right to mold a masterpiece
from the same clay but with contrasting intent
What is our path
What are we, the devil's advocates
Ravishing fiends condemned to demonic aim
Androgynous temptations that vex hearts
Junipers and aspens with the scent of roses
We have pheromones of a queen to snare a king
We are fallen angels
The cursed with a lust to venture back to our domicile
When we have served our motives
does the master cast us down to the fire
Or do we inherit paradise
For we only had done his will

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