Quenches Misery: Her Last Word

Quenches Misery: Her Last Word
-Tongierlyn D. Corda

Screaming in a gloomy standpoints of life
Hearing then laughing, sneering
While she's wanting, panting, crying!
Their shadows pulls her out!
Judgmental voices as they shout.
She's struggling! Her feet was on rigidity
She tried to stand, she begged
"Oh please! Hold my hand, let me stand"
Yet, still heard them laughing, sneering
She's still crying, panting, begging!
Hopeless, and totally useless!
"Oh please! Hold my hand"
" Let me stand."
And still no one listens.
"Why are they leaving me hanging?"
"Why do He let me suffer this pain?"
"Oh God I can't handle!
"Do I deserve this struggle?"
"Then, let me finally ends this battle!"
She crawled and crawled and saw a knife.
And finally, her struggles were done.

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