Question Marks

If all my tears fell in a cup
Stopped halfway up
Is it half full or half empty
How much misery do you see
Are you glad I failed to fill it up
Or sad because I didn’t cry enough
Did I swear the truth to sell a disguise
Sure I can deny, but if said lying down
Is it still a straight up lie
Am I a conflict or just conflicted
If the devil offered to heal my sorrow
Give me happiness, even if only borrowed
Wouldn't I still end up hollow
Wouldn’t the tiniest treaty with the devil today
Still leave me soul-less tomorrow
If you’re bad and I can’t get enough
Am I an addict, or just addicted
It’s possible I’m the addiction
You’re the addicted trying to quit
Is this misery mine or his
Wounded, or self-inflicted
If knowing a cup half full of tears
Still overflows with sorrow
Am I a pessimist or just pessimistic
An addict or just addicted
A conflict or just conflicted
What if I was never victimized
What if it’s self-inflicted
What if I was destined for love
And because I met you
I missed it

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