Questioning Search

Desperate to hear,
I desire to be near,
Dying to come clear,
Deserving? [laughter]
It be far from me,
Steady, Awaiting the voice,
Anxious to destroy every noise,

For life’s purpose for me,
Remains yet unknown,
to blow it’s cover,
I require the ALL KNOW’N,
And to Research?, I fear,
To discover the road,
The way,
the truth,
and my life,

for underneath every cloud,
I see the very same rod,
the parting stick of the red sea,
yes my eyes they see,
but blind to that which is meant to be,
yes for instance,
is I meant to live?
Or already come my time to leave.
Crossing the bar seems fun to see,
But known to me all that waits for me,
Shall I seek after my right will of life, So I may depart to light?,
Or shall I accept my present fate,
So to die unto death?,
For truly no man needeth told me of my unworthiness to meet the KING,
But surely HE desires me to be at HIS feet,
Or else long gone should I be with the old serpent,
Voice oh voice, go
Speak to mine ears,
Ears hearken to the Voice,
Heart capture all the words,
For it is time to know what way to follow,
The path I deserve,
Or that which I am unworthy of,
The path already paid for?

I await,
the Voice.

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