Questioning the Guide

What of this place, 

this transcendent realm?

What becomes of who I’ve been,

will I still be me, remember,

summon the seasons of my life,

recount the record? Or,

is there a letting go,

transition, a cleansing — 

imperfections swept away, 

wrongs absolved, regrets erased,

the annals sealed?

Will I realize a genesis, 

rise as a fresh being, not young,

nor old, just be?

Will I find contentment,

purity of heart and mind,

grace and harmony — 

love, and joy? 

Where would I abide,

do I gather with those I’ve known,

family, friends, others — 

speak to them, embrace them, 

rejoice with them?

Are there stratums, classes,

common mores,

precepts and governance? 

How about choices, variety — 

is there freedom to experience,

dream forward, wish and hope,

learn and grow, 

gain wisdom — understand?

What will I do with endless time

(does time exist there)?

Do others ask these questions?

What if I don’t like it there, ever, 

where else might I go?

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Wondering about the hereafter.