Who knows me?
What is my name?
Is it Ching Chong?
Is it Lee? Li?
No one knows me.
What do I look like?
What kind of Asian are you?
A southern Korean?
A southeast Chinese?
Or Filipino?
How can you tell?
Are my eyes the correct size?
Not too round or slant?
Do they not see the same as you do?
Maybe it's the texture of my hair?
The blackness of my roots
That seep through the brassy brown
Is it the height of my nose?
A bridge not tall enough but still there
Must be the clothes I wear
But I went to the same mall as you
All made in China.
Is it my flat,
non prominent
eyebrow bones
And creaseless
hooded eyes
With thin, weightless lashes
That makes you feel
The hollowness of my cheeks?
The voluminous lips
you wish to kiss?
The pigment of my skin
Colored by my parents?
Is it my heavy accent?
The way I roll my R’s and L’s
And pronounce my ABCs?
What's Mandarin and Cantonese?
Aren't they just Chinese?
Does my mother's tongue hurt your pride,
Enough to throw,
“Speak English"
to her face?
And who knows me?
That behind my tiny five foot frame
Lies a podium, unbreakable.
Do I seem like an easy
Is my forehead marked with a X
That says
shoot me?
Are my eyes filled with pitiful
Is a foreigner’s voice easily
By words of threat, words that
Did I ask for your opinion
Of where I belong?
Where are you from?
Here, I say.
No, where are you really from?
Still here.
What answer was expected?
What is your Chinese name?
I don't want to tell you.
What does it mean?
Nothing to you.
What is my Chinese name?
You don't have one.
Why not?
I smack my head with frustration.
How are you so fluent in English?
You think that's a compliment?
How do you say
“insert slang here”
in your language?
How do you say
“insert cheesy pick up line here”
in your language?
Do you know you look like
Lucy Liu?
You're pretty,
For an Asian girl, you say
With a pair of
Accessorizing your hair.
The two sticks I use to eat.
Do you know
Jackie Chan?
Do you know
Kung Fu?
If I did I'll kick some sense
Into that foggy brain.
Are you as obedient as
they say?

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