Questions are important, they are human nature.
It's like a country without command or a legislature.
Everyone has questions, whether they know it or not.
Sometimes these questions ache inside of you trying to rot.
But some questions are unanswerable and are hard to explain.
They are bottled up inside of you that can not be contained.
Why is there death, suffering, sorrow, and pain?
These emotions as such bring no gain.
Guilt, confusion, anger, and greed.
More of these feelings? There is no need.
As humans we've accomplished the most amazing of feats.
From scientific discoveries, to extravagant athletes.
But we've also had our downfalls and destruction, and so
we must learn and not repeat, this I know.
So many problems and notions,
are attempted to be fixed with medicines and potions
Some don't even have an answer.
Like why introduce to world to cancer?
While the world is biased and is split into sections,
we ask ourselves why do we need questions
Questions can give you confirmation.
That you understand the information.
Or they can provide sense,
for the people who lack and have ignorance.
So instead of looking at the answer through hate or affection,
rather if you want a real answer, just look at the question.

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