Questions For Mom

My best friend
One day asked her mum
"Will you love me, no matter what?"
"I will love you, for the most part."
My friend was confused, and asked what she meant
"I will not love you if you reject the faith.
I will not love you if you are gay.
I will not love you if you break the law.
I will not love you if you tell anyone what I've said.
Your father wouldn't get it, your dad just would not understand."
She was hurt, but on the next day
She went to her dad, and asked the same thing
"Of course, I will love you no matter what happens."
It's five years later and it's Christmas Eve.
I'm holding my granddaughters hand.
My ex wife is nowhere to be seen, but my daughters wife is decorating the tree
We aren't going to church, instead we're hosting a party
I loved my daughter no matter what, and just a week later saw someone who did not
"How do you love her, she's married to a girl and they don't send their daughter to church?"
"We didn't either for the longest time. We didn't even marry until she was five. We joined the church two years later, and you began to only see the flaws in others. I love our daughter because, you see, she is happy with a family. She's caring and kind, and considerate to all, she adopted a girl from the goodness of her heart, she didn't put terms and conditions on those she loves."
With that I walked away, knowing I'd have to face her again another day. I'll love my daughter no matter what, I love my daughter no if, ands, or buts.

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