Questions for Time

By Kris   

Is it possible
to outg r o w inside?
If so, i think it’s happening
Are you ahead of me, if time passes by?

I’ve got Blue Notes on the speaker up so high
Outside healing as i move
Just don’t look down
Make this right
Right out the neighborhood and up and out to somewhere else
Somewhere further and different
I do better when I’m not by myself

What if I don’t move on or get over it?
And then time takes me to 35 where nothing matters
because I’m greedy and pointing down like the rest of them

What if it was better
if pain never existed?
And good went by unnoticed
Nothing to compare it to
No time to lose
No chance to miss it
Is anyone talking about how
Time doesn’t ask
before taking you a w a y ?
I wish time would take me to a w a y but does
a w a y have his eyes that
know exactly what to say?

I wish we’d get goodbyes from all the memories that slipped away
Is it at night, when they part ways?
And is that everyday? Or just Wednesdays?
Flipping back
through trying to find my place

Can a heart be bitter?
Why do I even ask?
I’m just wondering if
It’s really the mind
that conquers it
ruling your heart
Is it possible for
a heart to be bitter?
oR is it the mind in me?
I wish she’d quit
Stop living
the extremities of being here and
being there
and at the same time
(whatever time is)
is p a s s ing b y
and it’s hard to grasp
and it’s hard to find

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