If body cells are cellular,
why don’t they have a phone?
If shirts have collars,
why aren’t they made of bone?
If a clock has hands,
why don’t they clap?
How does a nose drip if it doesn’t have a tap?
If galaxies are made of stars,
why Is there no star named ‘Samsung’?
If companies have branches,can they be climbed?
Can we charge our eyes since they have sockets?
Does drawing curtains make us artists?
How come people don’t get wet when they have baby showers?
Why don’t tennis rackets make noise?
Can we calculate the moles on our body?
Is the eye of a tornado able to see?
Do we turn over a ‘leaf’ in a book since it was made from a tree?
If time is money, why can’t we save it?
If races have ‘legs’, why can’t they run?
If a punch really ‘punches’, why doesn’t it hurt?
If tables have legs, why don’t they walk?
How come the ‘mouth of a river’ can’t talk?
How is silence a girls loudest cry if it makes no sound?
Questions on questions, no answers can be found.

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