Questions of a Cheated Heart

Why the past?

Did it feel good to finally have her kissing your ass?

Did it feel good to treat her as less than you did before?

Was it reassuring to make her your side line whore?

Never bought you a thing.

Made you work cook and clean.

Less than a women you hated her cooking.

But liked sneaking around when no one was looking.

All her putting you down.

She wasn’t doing that now.

She knew she was wrong.

Because you had moved on.

She was treating you like she should have then.

So you ran back to her again and again.

Despite her ugly and vicious.

You were just happy she did her own dishes.

Pale white and cold no longer to you.

Acting as if you had nothing to lose.

You started a family but to her you run.

Back to her bed as if she had a gun.

Why risk losing me over what didn't last?

Could it be we were moving too fast?

Was it all you hoped daring and fun?

Where you ready for us to be done?

For her to want you so bad must have been exciting?

In the end was it worth all the fighting?

Your secret is out she knows that I’m hear.

To her delight when I shed a tear.

Silently black mailing you now.

All because you didn’t take that vow.

Both of your kids you may never see.

She wants you with no one especially me.

She might just win as it is noted.

If I resign I’m sure she’ll be re- promoted.

By: Liz Fuentes

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