Questions To Which No One Has Answers

When regarding religion
and science,
we ask:
Why are we here?
why is there something,
rather than nothing?

But, both questions seem wrong,

Why shouldn't we be here?
And why isn’t nothing considered something?

Religion relies upon faith for emptiness and
unanswered questions.
Science gives us virtual particles and

what if
it was both
and neither?

Instead of mathematical proofs
or theories for everything.
Instead of an omniscient being
or a collection of deities.

They are all the same,
an aggregation of singularity.

What if God is the nothing,
that makes everything?
What if God was never
and always here?

What if,
all the wrongs are right?
And everything is,
because it shouldn’t be?

What if,
everyone was wrongly correct;
conflating one answer
as the answer for all things.

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Questions To Which No One Has Answers - what is life, where are we going, and why are we here? The poem featured in \"The Last Breath of Sunlight\"