Questions With The Answer Yes

By Alexis   

Questions with the answer, Yes.

What is it about him, you ask?
Is it the smell of his cologne?
Is it the way he struts around like a King on his throne?
Is it how he carries himself in a manner that's mature and grown?
Or is it the natural scent his body chemistry creates on its own?

Is it the gentle touch of his fingertip play?
Is it the way he uses his fingers as his eyes and grasp and rubs to find his way?
Is it the way his palm holds tight as if whatever he's holding was going away?
Or is it how his strong hands guide the rhythm of my movements, in coherence to the way he sways?

Is it the extent to how his brain activity runs a million miles and more?
Is it how when he speaks because he's so articulate that most jaws drop and hit the floor?
Is it the way he feeds his brain with knowledge reading and studying behind closed doors?
Or is it his intellect that is so extravagant that most simple, empty minded individuals would die for?

Is it the way he loves me?
Is it how his love radiates from his pores into the aura of MY being?
Is it how we have a love so strong that eventually he'll ask the eternal question on one knee?
And to answer every question, including the last one..
YES, Absolutely.

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