Quick As The Wind

What happens to the soldiers who come home?
Do they woe for their alter ego or are their
Anguished memories so tormenting, they look like
Floundering fish, who are flopping around because it's bad?
Does everyone know what they have gone through, even
Though you did not experience all that these poor souls have
Gone through?

On the battlefield, where destruction and bedlam
Occurs. Men, as quick as the wind, attacking the enemy. Sees
Red everywhere, but not even human. Many fellow soldiers are Gone as quick as the wind. Laying limp, never moving. The enemy
Is a gun, being controlled. Can't stop himself without someone Else to do it.

On the battlefield, limp corpses flew into the air, limbs flying
Everywhere. Shells spotted in the ground. Quick as the wind, Both sides charging back to their bases. Nobody knows what soldiers go through or have seen.

To hear the bitter, twisted lies war recruiters tell you. But in the
Battle, to taste bile on your tongue by the horrors of war, you see
With your eyes wide open. They were closed off, because you did Not want to see what I see on a daily basis.
All over the globe.

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