Quiet of the Night

By Crysan   

In the quiet of the night, memories come alive
slender tendrils that wrap around the heart, the mind
Bringing images, vivid and alive

In the darkness the mind does alight
Behind closed lids, the art of life
Sensations, images, jumbled and alive
Tugging and pulling heart strings taunt

Inky blackness, shiny ebony
Thick with turmoil
Spinning and yearning, whispering secrets
Buried beneath layers of love and lust

In the stillness of the heart
Inequities abound
Smothering satisfaction, looking for flaws
Cracking, crumbling foundations
Waiting to strike

The music of the morning
Soothing like a balm
Each weathered nerve, fissures healing
Calming the night storm
Awake, alive once more

In the light of day
Images begin to fade
Sensations and Emotions
Faded memories, nothing more
Just images in the night

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem one night after waking up in the middle of the night.