Quiet One

The Queen and Her King

As I sit high on top of my mount holding my queens colors my armor has been tarnishes from my queens enemies, as I dismount to go to her there is blood running down my side. Weak from battle protecting my queen she see’s the blood dripping down, taking her scarf from around her neck she wraps it gingerly around me. As my blood seeps through her scarf and as her tears run down her face saying, forgive me my knight for you have been wounded for me.

As I kneel on one knee and bow my head I spoke and said, my queen my life I would give to thee. As she starts to knee beside me I take her hand looking into her eyes, my queen I am not worthy for you to kneel next to me for without you my kingdom would be empty and my blood worthless. I say to you my queen every drop of blood that drips down from my side, Is my honor and my faith that I have shed for only you my beautiful queen.

As I lay in my humble room with her blood ridden scarf in my hand with my side bleeding my queen arrives with her servants to attend to my wounds, she kneels by my bed praying that her King will heal with tears of sorry leaking from her eyes and with a pain I can no longer bear. I look into her eyes wishing her our last goodbye closing my eyes never to see my Queen again. My armor hanging next to the bed my sword hangs beside it, as my queens last words were said: My King I cannot live without you, I take this sword and ask Gods forgiveness for what I do.

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