Quintessential Summer

When bare arms are enveloped in a growing warmth,
and bodies draw dark outlines in the grass.
When you wake to the intruding hum of ships docking in the harbor,
head hung heavy in the pillow,
eyes only able to open halfway,
but mouth curled into a crooked smile as you watch their lights fade.

When you find yourself seduced by the brush of willow branches,
and intrigued by the lap of waves at the shore.
When the sun lingers at the edge of the sky,
and you can only lie limp in the sand, engrossed
as it illuminates the salted air in its retreat.

When your skin is three shades darker than it was last month,
and your hair three shades lighter.
When you have left the world behind,
and stepped into a paradise,
all I ask is that you wait for me, my love,
because when the quintessential summer comes,
so will I.

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