R.I.P. Grams

It came to me by chance
I didn't have a clue
For no reason, it came into my possession
It came from Grams
Whom I barely knew
I keep it close and hidden
That way people's nasty, dirty words
Don't tarnish the few
Memories of her
Looking back
I'm left to wonder
Did she know
Know she wasn't going to see me again
And that she wanted me to remember?
Grandma Susan died the day after she graced me with the ring
Looking back on that time
I feel empty, lost, cold
And I spiral deeper into the black
It's not a picture
But it holds a photo
It holds memories
She is part of it
You may have taken your last breath on this earth
But you're still here
And Grandma Susan, I will never forget.

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