R.i.p. To My Heartt

I wonder how you really feel now that I'm gone?
Or do you think you still have me cause I'm alone?
It hurts so bad but I can maintain.
The pain hit so sudden I couldn't react brain dead.
But its clear how you feel you dismissed me.
Words hurt more than a bullet that didn't miss me!
Walk in my shoes feel what I'm feeling!
No need for drugs or alcohol this low cant be temporarily fixed.
I lost my best friend I'm in this world alone.
Just wondering do I cross your mind for at least a minute.
I'm scared of love it doesn't tempt me.
Don't want to feel a thing but life I must continue to live.
It's so cold but in due time I will heal.
A sickness called love turned into stone hate
From the beginning loyalty you weren't very familiar with.
Tried to love you from every angle from the pit of my heart.
You looked me in the eye without a tear to spare.
Left me in vain with heartache that's too much to bear I'm threw!
My heart is dead don't dare think to resuscitate it.
I put all my love and energy into a soul I wanted to combine with.
Make two into one to fulfill my life and goals content.
Took the risk of taking you back one time to many.
Now I sit here empty, without a drop of love you took that too.
Waiting on the sun to shine and put this pain behind.
Somewhere no one can reach...
Love can do like colored clothes when bleached.
Die off and never return, never to be burned ever again....

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