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Racism in it's diversity,
It harbors death and pain
And suffering,
It knows nothing but animosity,
For no crime no cause,
Just pure unified antipathy,
To envisage a desegregating future,
Is to fantasize in fantasy,
For Racism is in every
Fabric of our being,
In every household every city,
In every state every country,
It is like diseases more
Prevalent to a particular Race,
Like Diabetes and Heart diseases,
Cancer and Chronic lung diseases,
And it goes on and on,
But what do we do,
We keep on fighting protesting,
We unite and preach faith,
Bring hope to our children,
For their innocence We fight,
For a cause, a change,
For a people for peace,
For humanity and amity,
For Love and for Race.

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It talks about the problem of diversity. The strength in not giving up and hoping for a Chang no matter how long. It speaks to all race, most especially Black race.