Race to the -Ism

The race to the -ism, has kept you mentally bound to a prism,
of false beliefs.
Systematically, those thoughts and beliefs,
have become a comforting vessel of travel to. nowhere.
Perpetually you have taken pride in the claim to be. victim,
by denying yourself the opportunity to succumb to. success.
Individually is how we come. to be,
comfortably united in the streaming red rivers of our streets,
or should I say undeniably under our. sheets.
Quick to bear but reluctant to share,
how dare you claim to be real, or even true.
Bowed down, hands in pockets,
your name repeatedly on the dockets.
Shuffle along now, from wherest you came,
oh yeah that's right, from that you have shame.
I dread, no not your head but the day that people who look like me,
no longer "see" you. Hair kinky,
nose wide, in this I will take pride.
no purity of stupidity here.
Me calling you a Jew, is something I wouldn't do,
for you don't understand the honor that's meant in that compliment.
There you go, race to the -ism.
I sigh with great sorrow, for we may not rise tomorrow,
from this great "sleep" we are in.

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