By Addy p   

What does that even mean?
People say they know, they never follow.
So what does it mean?

One person can tell you about it, is it fact or fiction?
I personally don't know.
I've never fully understood it, yet I still have an opinion.
Is that opinion wrong for kinda being right?

What are boundaries?
No human can tell you even if they tried.
Society is misleading, I don't understand.
People can be who they want to be but they won't allow others to be who they are.
Rude, it's all rude, ridiculously rude.

I got told I'm not white, racism, that was it.
That's what it will always be.
Someone of color can abuse and overstep their ability.
Why do they hurt me?

Hurting, I'm hurting
I just want to be received correctly, if that's even a thing.
Why are we so focused on color?
Color doesn't matter.

The heart inside matters
Why can't we see it?
Why has society shattered us apart?

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Key Words : Racism, Heart, Society

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This Poems Story

I was sitting in class with one of my friends from school (Someone of color) and they go on and on about how they think I am not white and how I don\'t give off the characteristics of a white person. That was my main motivation or inspiration for writing this poem that I hold close to my heart.