Dehumanizing, demoralizing, filled with hate
and dirty little lies,

I cry for the life that has passed me by, being penalized
and held back simply because, I am black and proud.

Visualizing my forefathers and the vicious attacks,
snatched my history from me, hard to get it back.

Left many strange fruit hanging from the tree in the
process, like the evil that Cain possessed.

You left many Indians slain as well with the force
of your brutality.

Why can't you just let me be, set me free from your
cruel delusions of what my life, should be;

a tear shed, mourning my dead, yet you still fail to
see what your irrational behavior does to me,

instead my pain incites you to take pride and feel
justified in your evil deeds.

Can you verbalize why that is?

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This Poems Story

Connie Jordan, troubled by the things seen in the world, with no true platform, turned to poetry as a means of expression with her first book release, The World Through a Poet's Eyes, in 2015. This poem was created based on her witnessed and experienced racism in America simply because of the color of skin being black. A hard journey, but she survived because of the strength she found inside, the love she received from God and the peace she found in Jesus. Peace be with you on your journey.