Racism is not okay, all it does is cause pain.
It doesn’t create anything good for us, what do we gain?

Look at your skin-tone, people judge you every day.
They talk down on you, put you down, why can’t they go away?

It is an ongoing war, between people like me and you.
How can we make it stop, what can we do?

It holds us back, I can feel the friction,
We should all hear each other out, why can’t we listen?

We all look different on the outside, but the same on the inside,
We should stop all the hate, and put our differences aside.

Racism is not a crime, but it should be.
We are tired of it, I think we all can agree.

All racism should be considered a violation
It disassembles us, we should come together as a nation.

We should all work together, we have much potential.
They key is to work as one, teamwork is essential.

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