Racism’s End

Neo Nazis, KKK
Black men are lower
Or so they say
Ten fingers, ten toes
A mind, a heart
Collectivity, never apart
Our community, strong
Denied opportunity
A rose by other appellations
Just as red
Willy-nilly what racists said
Words cannot rescind humanity
Despite peoples' bellicose
Pride or vanity
Humans we all are
Our common ancestry
Our common linage without mar
Why then must be bout
Would it not be simpler
To shake hands than to shout
Drink tea with your mates
Part bread with your friends
Carry bigotry to its end
Is this mere idealism?
An end to fear, hate
Human race sure scism?
I do not believe so
For the day will come
When a stanza has four lines
And racism has none.

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